About Us

The Jose Sarria Foundation is an all volunteer, non profit corporation registered in the State of Washington and is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 public charity. This Foundation is an independent body, not associated with any particular Imperial Court or the Court Council.

Foundation Board of Directors
Gene Brake – Emperor San Antonio / Washington, DC
Brian Benamati – Emperor San Francisco
Fidel Morin – Emperor Washington DC

Foundation Advisory Committee
Bob Toane – Emperor Toronto
Panzi – Empress New York City
Mark Campbell – Emperor Buffalo
Jose Gutierrez – Latino GLBT History Project

The Board and Advisory Committee are some of those that loved Jose and want nothing but the best for her memory.

How did this organization come about?

Emperor Gene Brake, purchased several items from Jose Sarria’s estate auction and wanted to make sure these items were protected for future generations. The birth of the Foundation grew out of a conversation he had with Emperor Bob Toane. Knowing that none of us live forever, he created the foundation and is transferring the ownership of these items to the foundation along with a small endowment to help ensure her legacy continues. The Foundation hopes to publicly display these artifacts to promote her memory in various parts of the country in association with events that honor Jose’s legacy.

This Foundation is wholly focused on promoting the legacy of Jose Julio Sarria, no politics, no agendas.

For the Love of Mama Jose…